Re: Responsible People
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 16:26:50 -0500

Does Sudbury Valley _teach_ responsibility? Is that the "hidden" curriculum,
down there with ethics and, somehow, love of nature?

No. We just give responsibility for their own actions, and to some very real
extent responsibility for the community, to each and every person. We let
them be irresponsible to themselves within the communty's limits, but not to
the community, and not in ways that impact on the community. We can't teach
anything. We can only live, breathe, model, and extol responsibility --
every individual has to do the rest. But I would have to say that this
particular "curriculum", taught or not, definitely gets learned! I hope we
never have to figure out how to "teach" it, and I hope the school is always
wise enough to look for models of it.