Re: Responsible People

Dale R. Reed (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 08:44:41 -0800

Marge is responding to my comment about teaching responsibility.

> Hi, all:
> Do we have to "teach" this? Or may we simply allow it to occur? (Which,
> btw, is what I believe happens at SVS.)

I just wanted you all to know that this is in my Hot Action Folder. I
have spent hours writing a defense of TEACHING and hours more on
defending RESPONSIBILTY but everytime I get way out on a limb and think
Marge would not be interested in my answer to her question.

I seem to be stymied, can't even think of another question so Marge
could break my logjam. Sorry, it is a very interesting subject to me
but I wonder if I have the mental capabilities to even discuss it
intelligently. This Bear of very little Brain(all the little kids and
my wife call me Pooh) is trying really hard to answer Marge's question.
I know what I think without thinking too much about it, but when I do
think a lot about it I begin to wonder. Dale