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Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 07:50:42 -0800 wrote:
> I want to say goodbye, as I am leaving this list server.
> I have been doing redearch and preparing a workshop called Mothers and
> Daughters. I have found, and want to convey to you all
> the idea that has recently been developed by psychologists after finally
> studying girls. (Previous theories about individuation were, by and large,
> based on studies by men of males) Gilligan, Pipher and more are now stating
> that females are relational; they need to stay connected to their mothers as
> they grow through more and more complex modes of relating. Boys, in
> individuation, turn to a male role model, but, since Mom is a girl's most
> important role model, girls go through a different process in order to become
> their adult selves. A great book on the subject, and one that illuminates the
> pitfalls for girls in the present culture, is REVIVING OPHELIA, by Mary Pipher.
> Soooo, best to all. I will still be on Demstart. Aloha, Liz

I hope Liz stayed on long enough for a few replies. All of you that are
interested in this very important subject should read Susannah Sheffer's
"A Sense of Self, Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls" 1995.
Boynton/Cook Publishers, HEINEMANN, Portsmouth, NH.
ISBN 0-86709-357-9. I can tell you what catalog to order out of if you
can't find in your library or wherever. Dale