Sat, 23 Nov 96 20:51:35

I want to say goodbye, as I am leaving this list server.
I have been doing redearch and preparing a workshop called Mothers and
Daughters. I have found, and want to convey to you all
the idea that has recently been developed by psychologists after finally
studying girls. (Previous theories about individuation were, by and large,
based on studies by men of males) Gilligan, Pipher and more are now stating
that females are relational; they need to stay connected to their mothers as
they grow through more and more complex modes of relating. Boys, in
individuation, turn to a male role model, but, since Mom is a girl's most
important role model, girls go through a different process in order to become
their adult selves. A great book on the subject, and one that illuminates the
pitfalls for girls in the present culture, is REVIVING OPHELIA, by Mary Pipher.
Soooo, best to all. I will still be on Demstart. Aloha, Liz