Re: Homeschooling and SVS
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 23:14:33 -0500

Dear Dale,

In a message dated 96-11-23 00:30:40 EST, you write:
<< As has been said on this
discussion group the idea of children being responsible for their own
educations for a few hours each day, in a school setting, is growing and
I am enjoying hearing about all the choices available as we approach
year 2000.
Strangely enough, although it doesn't seem strange to me, these children in
Sudbury-model schools, most of them, who are responsible for their own
educations "a few hours a day" are usually responsible for a great deal of
what happens to them 24 hours a day. Their parents don't choose to interfere
with their education, or the flow of their lives, when they are not at
school, either, a reasonable idea if your child's empowerment is the aim; and
if you want the school's message, which is "you are in charge of your life --
you are responsible for what you make of yourself" to come through loud and
clear; and if you respect your child as much as his/her school does.

It amuses me greatly to see the comparisons that, for you, so often come out
favorably for homeschooling. For most kids who have homeschooled and who get
a chance to go to a Sudbury model school, the comparisons end up weighted
toward wanting the full, rich environment of a crowd of somewhat
randomly-assembled free spirits doing a rich variety of activities. And you
never have to sit next to any of them if you don't want to!