Re: Megan's question

Megan Harris (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 10:28:56 -0700


Thank you so much for you advice and comments. I also want to thank you
for all that you've written regarding your own school. You and your son
are very inspiring. I have 5 year old daughter that I hope to find an
alternative school for. You have given me some wonderful images,
thoughts, etc. to ponder. Megan

Tina wrote:
> Megan Harris wrote:
> > On a personal note, I'm a tentative education major who finds schools
> > such as yours uplifting. What would you suggest a student like myself
> > ti strive for if she eventually wishes to teach at a school such as
> > yours? What concentration, what focus etc.?
> Hi Megan,
> An excellent resource for "future alternative teachers" I consider to be
> AERO, especially their AEROGRAMME "newsletter".
> What to strive for?
> My answer would be, no matter what your future profession should be:
> As Betsy said in her posting, "Listen to yourself",
> or in my son's words: "Find the knowledge that is already in you".
> Treasure what you already are, and one more thing....
> Listen not only to yourself but to others. Especially children.
> Listening is an art!!!
> I'd really love to hear from some other members, especially
> some former SVS students what they would be looking for in an
> alternative school teacher.
> Tina