Re: Megan's question

Tina (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 01:46:35 +0000

Megan Harris wrote:

> On a personal note, I'm a tentative education major who finds schools
> such as yours uplifting. What would you suggest a student like myself
> ti strive for if she eventually wishes to teach at a school such as
> yours? What concentration, what focus etc.?
Hi Megan,
An excellent resource for "future alternative teachers" I consider to be
AERO, especially their AEROGRAMME "newsletter".
What to strive for?
My answer would be, no matter what your future profession should be:
As Betsy said in her posting, "Listen to yourself",
or in my son's words: "Find the knowledge that is already in you".
Treasure what you already are, and one more thing....
Listen not only to yourself but to others. Especially children.
Listening is an art!!!
I'd really love to hear from some other members, especially
some former SVS students what they would be looking for in an
alternative school teacher.