Re: Homeschooling and SVS

Tina (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 00:56:45 +0000

Megan Harris wrote:
> Hi Tina,
> Just to get you started. How did you first get involved in this type
> of schooling? What is your background and how did you get exposed to
> European teaching methods as well as American? What is your vision for
> the future (you mentioned a farm)?

Hi Everyone,
Before the future: "A philosophical journey"

While washing the kitchen floor today after school I asked my nine year
"What is all this learning/studying good for?"
Within seconds, still engrossed in his Lego building, without looking
he replied: "So we can take care of the earth".
While I was still digesting his answer, his next words came:
"Knowledge is the Universe". (just that, his exact words)
I couldn't wait until we were on our way to Karate to find out
what he meant. Here his words (I took notes at red lights):
"If you have knowledge then you have the universe in you.
Everybody has knowledge. You just have to seek it inside
you. Knowledge is everything. The knowledge we gain and the
knowledge we have inside is a combination."
To really understand I asked my son:
"Imagine you would grow up somewhere isolated in a forest, no books,
no school, would you gain knowledge?"
His reply: "We would learn to survive, and Mami, you grew up in a
forest, you learned about mushrooms
which ones to eat and which ones not from your father. We learn all the
time. From parents, from nature, from ourselves"
When asking him about his school subjects I received answers like:
"I enjoy being able to make music on the piano", "I love writing when
I have something important to say", I use Math constantly in the store,
"I want to be able to talk with people in German and sing with you".
When we arrived at the Karate place I wanted to get someone else's
answer and I asked one of the kids there the same original question.
What is all this learning/studying good for?
The 8 year old looked at me (how can you ask that?) and responded:
"For the Future". "To be successful some day".
I realized with his answer in comparison to my son's answer a
major philosophical aspect of my school and an aspect with
which to look at some other schools.
Learning/Studying is the fullfillment, the creative expression
of what we and the children are today. Discovering the knowledge that is
you. The Quest for Knowledge fulfills the need of the Human Mind
and Soul in the here and now.
Beyond the fact that my nine year old considered "Knowledge to be the
he also had a purpose for it: "To take care of the earth".
Later on tonight he said: "It is all we have".
My vision of today and my vision for my school (farm) of tomorrow.
Let me know if this is getting too much.
I'd appreciate some feedback.