Homeschooling and SVS

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Fri, 22 Nov 1996 02:47:53 +0000

Below some tidbit I had written last summer,
For anyone searching for resources, the above http leads
to Aero and Jon's excellent Resource page about anything
on Homeschooling/Alternative Schools. Also leads to SVS.

On learning environment: Nature!!!, Variety!!! Free movement, Animals,
Spirit!!! I really love Sudbury Valley School's environment (as seen on
pictures and the description) I hope some day I'll see it personally.
We love to go fishing.

Mark & Rebecca Walker wrote:
> Tina - I've really enjoyed the descriptions of your school. I'm doing
> reseach on learning environments

Summer 1996
Here a day in the life of my son (8 years old and full of vibrant
energy), one of my students:
(None of the activities are related to time, children have their own
time in exploring the world. Most of the activities are initiated by my
some encouraged by me. (Not quite Summerhill)
A summer day of fun (traditionally called school):
Typing, studying German, playing the recorder, constructing a lego track
(while listening to Jack London's "Call of the Wild") into a limited
amount of space (mathematically speaking: the shortest distance between
two points is called a line), reading "Pippi Longstocking" (with a big
smile on his
face), Journal Writing (in cursive) with my son's explanation
that topics that match should be
together, while different subjects should have space between them
(unknowingly he explained to me the essence of a paragraph).
Drying herbs, mixing liquids and solids,
designing a deposit funnel for unneeded liquids which eventually end up
with some
other plants (or the compost). Expressing Aloe Gel to heal his father's
scratches, with my son's appropriate explanation of "Aloe is good for
sunburns, minor cuts and scratches" and "I want to be a Medicine Man".
Designing a stove using son energy to heat up water.
Somewhere in between feeding and working with Wild Cats, trying to
figure out the
computer's strategy on beating everyone in "four in a row". Exploring
the ins and outs of Predator and Prey in a computer Food Chain game
(with the discovery that humans are
quite merciless, and it's best to be a Black Bear).
Traditionally speaking my son, as all my students, cover on a daily
Typing, Computer, Reading, Writing, Grammar, German, Science (Physics
and Chemistry),
Social Science, Music, Math, Art, etc.
Except, at times, the very basic subjects there is no need for any "you
should do this or that" because learning is exciting and an exploration.
Everything is available and most important I, as the teacher, am
physically, emotionally, and intellectually present.
The food consists of home grown vegetables and home-made dishes. Sports
consists of swimming, Karate, and other activities.