AERO, Job, Camp
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 23:48:55 -0500

Hello, Altch people:

Two weeks ago I went to Northern Michigan to help an Indian tribe
set up democratic process at their new alternative school. It was
quite an adventure and is still on-going. They need more staff
right away, who understand democratic decision-making. If you
know anyone who might be good, contact me by e mail or call
the AERO office at 516 621-2195.

Also, we have decided to take American students for another
International Summer Camp in France, due to the success of
the camp this summer. If you have students who may be interested,
contact us soon, as space will be limited. The camp will
be in July again, at Theleme School. The cost will be about
the same as last year, which was quite reasonable.

Jerry Mintz