One point of view...

Thu, 21 Nov 1996 18:40:56 -0500

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, SwiftRain wrote:

> the problem with this observation, as unshakably valid as it seems, is
> that there are very, very few people adopting the SVS model.
> why?

One public school classroom I student teach in uses something darn close to it.
This model of learning pops up in education reform all the time. It's just
hard to see.

> if the model is superior in nearly every way to the model currently in
> general use, why is it that there is no widespread movement in its
> direction?

SVS is not superior to the current model in "nearly every way" in my mind.
Well, it is in many, many ways, but let's not glorify things.
In any case, there is a slow movement towards School Based Management and
Charter Schools and such things in Massachusetts which is an other form of
the SVS empowerment. I think...

> ostensibly the explanation is that changing our educational model, as
> changing any belief system, is scary. but does this fear really have
> the ability to persist for decades against the onslaught of scientific
> and observational data?

"Imagination is more important then knowledge" Guess who?
Real scientists know the usefullness of data... Data needs to be interpreted
to mean anything. You can interprete your data any way you what and back it
up with a mathimatical and statistical arguement, but it might not have anything
to do with reality.

Just a thought,

P.S. Sorry I have no spell checker on my WP.