Re: Karen's Question: What did you think of SVS?

SwiftRain (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 17:10:34 -0500

Scott D Gray wrote:
> 1) Schools all around the world are adopting the same, or similar,
> models. We held a convention this summer of people involved with such
> schools, and had well over 100 attendees.

with millions of students in traditional education, there are how many
hundreds in SVS model education?
despite many years of success, this model (or any other model) does not
seem to be making any serious inroads into traditional schooling.

i'm not arguing that there is anything wrong with SVS at all -- i am
completely in favor of every aspect of the concept.

it just seems to me that if anything, education is becoming *more*
controlling at the present day. the response of a populace, educated to
believe that traditional schooling is the best and only way to teach, to
the failures of the system is to assume that we're not doing a good
enough job at what we're doing, not that we need to do something else.

i have studied history enough to understand that tightening of control
precipitates revolution,.. but i do not appreciate being the victim of
the process.

...apologies to the list members for using your mailboxes to clarify my
ideological positions... i will restrain from devolving to the level of
argument.. :)

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