Re: Homeschooling and SVS

Megan Harris (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 14:00:33 -0700

Hi Tina,

Just to get you started. How did you first get involved in this type of
schooling? What is your background and how did you get exposed to
European teaching methods as well as American? What is your vision for
the future (you mentioned a farm)?

On a personal note, I'm a tentative education major who finds schools
such as yours uplifting. What would you suggest a student like myself
ti strive for if she eventually wishes to teach at a school such as
yours? What concentration, what focus etc.?


Tina wrote:
> Hi Jilly, Megan, and everyone.
> I'll send "the novel side" to your individual e-mail addresses.
> Ask me one or two questions so I'll know where to start.
> Tina
> jlilly wrote:
> > Dear Tina,
> > I'ld be interested in the novel side; but perhaps you should send it
> > to my personal address. Thanks.
> Megan wrote:
> > Could you forward that novel to me as well. I am fascinated by the
> > description you gave. It is so inspiring!
> >
> > Love and Light, Megan email: