Re: Karen's Question: What did you think of SVS?

SwiftRain (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 14:18:35 -0500

> I grew up in Wellesley Public Schools. To know my impression of SVS
> at the time, you have to know that I really disliked school. When I
> first heard about SVS I thought, "Wow, that sounds cool." As the
> years went on I reallized that a school like SVS can take a student
> who can hardly keep their head above water in Public School and help
> them become the REAL productive members of society. I don't think
> Public Schools have the ability to do this.

i am inclined to believe this, although i have little direct experiance
with the effects of the SVS system, merely because of my observations of
human nature.
to me, as a person who has concerned themselves deeply with the nature
of thought and learning, the idea that freedom is integral to education
is beyond possible -- it seems almost undeniable.

the problem with this observation, as unshakably valid as it seems, is
that there are very, very few people adopting the SVS model.
if the model is superior in nearly every way to the model currently in
general use, why is it that there is no widespread movement in its

ostensibly the explanation is that changing our educational model, as
changing any belief system, is scary. but does this fear really have
the ability to persist for decades against the onslaught of scientific
and observational data?

it looks to me like there is something fishy going on..

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