Re: Karen's Question: What did you think of SVS?

Thu, 21 Nov 1996 13:27:12 -0500

I grew up in Wellesley Public Schools. To know my impression of SVS at the
time, you have to know that I really disliked school. When I first heard about
SVS I thought, "Wow, that sounds cool." As the years went on I reallized that
a school like SVS can take a student who can hardly keep their head above
water in Public School and help them become the REAL productive members of
society. I don't think Public Schools have the ability to do this.

As I see it now, SVS students are given the option to do nothing long enough
to value doing something. The schools I grew up in never thought of motivation
as an important learning objective. (And in a Dog-eat-dog world, motivation
is what sepporates the happy people from slaves)

When I began to met more and more SVS students I realized that they play a
different social game then the public school social game. I think the SVS
attitude is much more healthy then the PS one. When SVS students get togeather
they don't say, "What do you what to do? I don't know... what do you what to
do?" ad infinitum like PS students do. They know how to live.

As a High school student I don't remember talking about educational philosophies
with my SVS friends. At the time I tried to accept them for who they were. I
know most PS students don't think that way about anything, so they wouldn't
start with their educational philosophy.

Is this what you wanted?