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Dear Tina,

I'ld be interested in the novel side; but perhaps you should send it
to my personal address. Thanks.

Reader ready,


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>Dale R. Reed wrote:
>> This is just wonderful Tina! Where in the world(literally that is) do
>> you live,>
>In a residential part of San Diego, California. About 2 miles from the
>Mexican border, 10 Minutes to the ocean, 1 hour to beautiful mountains,
>15 minutes to the center of San Diego with Museums that the students
>love to explore. On top of that the Zoo, Sea World,
>Wild Animal Park, all places we visit for our studies.
>The school is in a residential home where I am allowed to teach 6
>students. (Quite
>some paper work). We have a 4 bedroom house surrounded by a green
>garden, swimming
>pool, 3 ponds, kids play area, and a lot of space outside as well as
>>how many children are in your school,>
>the first semester there were 4: a 6,7, 8,and 12 year old. In addition,
>14 year old homeschoolers that would come to visit and study. Parents
>and grandparents
>show up frequently and the kids excitingly share their "explorations".
>We also have company from Europe at times which the students enjoy
>dously. We do a lot of activities with whoever joins us. I completely
>agree with the SVS discussion item that one person can not be all.
>(Thanks to fax machines, Internet, and phones the contact remains).
>> is it growing and can
>> you make a profit? Do you use unpaid staff and/or donations from
>> foundations, etc?
>This is only my second year. Money is not something that I really
>care for very much (It is a business necessity). In order to survive
>financially I do tutoring at night for students from High Schools, etc.
>There is no other income beyond the tuition. The students love to work
>with my (unpaid) husband. He is a gardener, has all
>the tools in the world and enjoys the time with the students.
>When there will be a profit I want to continue my school into the future
>move into a farm. The homeschool setting would remain, the number of
>(6 per teacher) plus visits from parents, grandparents, international
>>When this model is combined with high tech then the
>> children are going to love it.
>Absolutely! There are 3 computers. How more exciting can Science be than
>to watch the earth "real time" from the moon? Or studying Geography by
>looking through someone's living room Camcorder in Austalia, connected
>the Internet? The students love to produce their own movies,
>and Interviews using Camcorder, taperecorder, VCR, etc. To study
>language is,
>to use is creatively.
>I'm trying to be brief (otherwise I'd write a novel)