Re: Homeschooling and SVS

Dale R. Reed (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 05:05:57 -0800

This is just wonderful Tina! Where in the world(literally that is) do
you live, how many children are in your school, is it growing and can
you make a profit? Do you use unpaid staff and/or donations from
foundations, etc? When this model is combined with high tech then the
children are going to love it. This SVS/homeschooling model is the best
of all possible worlds(my opinion). A very similar model is being
followed by Puget Sound Community School here in Seattle that is
presently operating under our homeschooling laws with no permanent
building. I assume PSCS will eventually move into a building trying to
keep the same mission.

The part that is different about your school from every other SVS
school(as I understand them from their own writings and postings to the
Discussion Groups) is your successful integration of home and school and
I think that is mighty fine! Dale

Tina wrote:
> Today I provide "choices", in one "Alternative School". Parental choice
> is the determining factor.

.> curriculum, or also "giving the parents what they pay for".
> 1. Today I believe that the seperation of school and home is outmoded.
> (I assume that SVS students do not leave "learning" in school but
> continue at home.)

> Students often do activities at home because they enjoyed them in
> school, or vise versa,

> 2. High academic requirements can be combined with children's natural
> love
> for discovery, exploration, and learning.
> Educating children is a responsibility that cannot be shifted to someone
> else.
> Most of the time academics can be structured to enhance a student's
> interests.