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Wed, 20 Nov 96 09:22:15 PST

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Date: 11/20/96
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Dear Dale and everyone,

As always your thoughtful response to Judith's important
questions were right on target and very useful.

For some time I have had questions similar to
Judith's. I do not home-teach (it is illegal in Israel), and
we're all hoping we (that is, my daughter) can get in the
SVS-model school that is supposed to open in our area next
September. (If we don't then I guess I will be forced to
break the law and keep her home). My questions were related to
what aspects of parenting should resemble SVS 'teaching', and
what aspects should not.

In your response to Judith you mention that if you had
to start a school now you would not have used the SVS model.
Why not?
Would many people choose to home-school instead of
going to an SVS-type school? Why?

The school day in Israel is basically a 4.5 hour day,
six times a week. I felt this would give my kids all the
benefits; being in an SVS environment with all the different
people and all the materials it can provide, while still being
at home a large proportion of the day.
What do you all think of this?