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>>Judith said:
>It has long been my belief that, with the exception of those who are truly
>personally disabled by their inability to concentrate, ADD is really a
>school-created (iatrogenic, to borrow a medical term) condition, as are all
>other "learning disabilities", which all seem to boil down to "schooling
>Question from Judith:

If the child is removed from "the disabling school system" is it possible
that the child has learned the lesson taught there all too well? For
instance; reading: self concept of inability to read. Do you think that
when a learner want to read - one will read, no matter the age? Or should
there be "intervention"? Or is the best "intervention" - no intervention at
all - but supportive attitudes and confidence that the child (even an older
child) (or learner) will read when the desire to read comes from within?

Thanks for your responses. Judith

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