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Alan Klein (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 19:14:18

>Judith said:
>> It's been stated that there is no dyslexia or attention defecit at
>> S.V.S. As to A.D.D., why do you think it has become so widespread?

Vic said:

>I don't know about SVS but I think dyslexia has occurred at Summerhill.

At The School in Rose Valley (a Dewey-inspired progressive school in
Pennsylvania begun in 1929 or so) in the '40's and 50's or thereabouts, they
didn't provide formal "remediation" to those who reversed letters, etc. They
then looked at the kids at age 12 or so and found that the ones who were
supposedly "dyslexic" read as well as those who weren't. They had found ways
to adapt, as we all do to make our way in the world despite (because of?) our

>> Most of these children labeled A.D.D. can focus and maintain
>> given that they are interested. Why is this so overlooked?
>Really? I didn't realize they could. I think that many people have
>difficulty concentrating on things that don't interest them. But are not
>labeled A.D.D. Is A.D.D. just an exceptionally bad case?

It has long been my belief that, with the exception of those who are truly
personally disabled by their inability to concentrate, ADD is really a
school-created (iatrogenic, to borrow a medical term) condition, as are all
other "learning disabilities", which all seem to boil down to "schooling

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