HOLLAND Vic (HOLLAVI@zen.gemse.fr)
Sat, 16 Nov 96 18:07:00 PST

Judith said:

> It's been stated that there is no dyslexia or attention defecit at
> S.V.S. As to A.D.D., why do you think it has become so widespread?

I don't know about SVS but I think dyslexia has occurred at Summerhill.

> Most of these children labeled A.D.D. can focus and maintain
> given that they are interested. Why is this so overlooked?

Really? I didn't realize they could. I think that many people have
difficulty concentrating on things that don't interest them. But are not
labeled A.D.D. Is A.D.D. just an exceptionally bad case?

Please give me more information.