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Because of the popularity of the last Saxon message I asked if anyone
wanted me to pass it on I will have to assume there are many of you that
would be interested in this one. Dale

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Saxon Publishers, Inc.
No. 10 The Saxon E-Mailer Update November 12, 1996

To reach us via the Internet:
WWW: http://www.saxonpub.com
E-Mail: help_desk@saxonpub.com

To reach us via telephone: (800) 284-7019

To reach us via fax: (405) 360-4205

To reach us via U.S. (snail) mail:
Saxon Publishers, Inc.
1320 W. Lindsey
Norman, OK 73069

The loss of Saxon Publishers' founder John H. Saxon, Jr. was
mourned by its 120 employees as well as by thousands of supporters
throughout the world. Currently, Saxon Publishers produces
a mathematics program for kindergarten through
calculus, a high school physics textbook, as well as a phonics program
for kindergarten through second grade classrooms. Saxon Publishers'
programs are now used by students throughout the country and in over
12,000 schools, both private and public. The company which was first
incorporated in 1981 as Grassdale Publishers, and which was run by John
Saxon from his dining room table, has grown to over $25 million in
annual sales. At the memorial service held in Norman, Oklahoma for the
retired lieutenant colonel and former junior college instructor turned
publisher, company president Frank Wang eulogized John Saxon, stating:
"Through hard work, dogged persistence, and irrepressible, evangelical
zeal and passion, John Saxon has made an indelible impression upon the
face of American education. Both his supporters and detractors alike
will agree that his life's work has and will continue to profoundly
affect the course of American education."

In 1994, when he realized his health was failing, John Saxon implemented
a plan to assure the future of the company whereby his four children
(John H. Saxon III, Selby Saxon Harrison, Bruce Charles Saxon, Sarah
Saxon Perkins, listed in descending age; the first three are practicing
physicians and the fourth is a pharmacist) assumed ownership. Dr. John
H. Saxon III, speaking on behalf of himself and his siblings, said the
following regarding the Saxons' commitment to preserving and building
upon their father's legacy: "Let me assure everyone that Saxon
Publishers will continue to serve the many schools and homeschool
families throughout the world. My siblings and I are fully committed to
supporting our father's mission and a continuation of his life's work.
We have full confidence that Frank Wang will do an excellent job leading
the company as its president." Wang, who has served as the company's
president since 1994, first started work with Saxon in 1980, before John
Saxon had founded his company and before he had self-published his first
text, "Algebra I, An Incremental Development." Over the intervening
years, Wang continued working for John Saxon in a part-time capacity and
co-authored a calculus text with him in the late 1980s. Wang, who went
on to receive his BA in mathematics from Princeton University in 1986
and Ph.D. in pure mathematics from MIT in 1991, was asked by Mr. Saxon
to assume the day-to-day leadership of the company upon completion of
his doctoral studies.

Wang reports to a board of directors comprising two of the shareholders
as well as three outside members who are experienced entrepreneurs. The
board members are John H. Saxon III; Bruce C. Saxon; Dave McLaughlin,
co-founder and chairman of Advance Food Company; Jim Neuberger,
president of UEC Industries, Inc.; and Harold Powell, chairman of
Harold's, Inc. Wang and two longtime Saxon employees, Jill Gasaway, VP
Operations/Finance, and Greg True, VP Marketing/Sales, form the
company's core management team.

Saxon Publishers' commitment to continued growth is evidenced by
breaking ground on the construction site of a new 100,000+ square-foot
distribution facility in Norman. When asked what the company's plans
are, Wang responded: "I think we have in place the necessary ingredients
to grow this company into the next millennium--prolific and proven
authors, a good management team, talented and motivated employees
including a network of experienced field representatives (who are all
former Saxon teachers), and a supportive ownership." Wang concluded by
stating: "Our company mission is an ambitious one -- to 'turn around'
education by publishing programs with proven records of success in the
classroom. We plan to actively seek out and develop new programs that
will be able to produce measurable and tangible improvements in student

Many friends and colleagues of John Saxon, and even those who did not
know John personally, have written us various thoughts regarding his
life and his death. We thank all of you who have shared your memories
and your good wishes with us. We would like, in turn, to share some of
these with you.

"To the John Saxon 'Family' "I was saddened to learn of the passing of
my friend John Saxon. Although I only knew him during the last two years
of his life, I feel a great sense of loss, as I know all of you do, who
have labored with him to create Saxon Publishers. The words of a poem
from Henry W. Longfellow came to me as soon as I heard the sad news:
'Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime, and,
departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.' John Saxon
left giant footprints for us to follow. His wit, his outrage at the
foolishness of the education establishment, his determination to develop
common sense educational tools for our children, will endure for decades
to come. I spoke with him, in March of this year, in his office. As he
was extolling the virtues of his math and new reading programs he turned
to me, and with tears in his eyes said: 'Bob, God called me to this
work. I have to complete this mission!' Deep in John Saxon's heart was
that sense of mission that are given to only a few. He completed the
work God gave him to do and I believe has 'graduated' with honors. It is
now up to us to continue the work he so nobly began. America's school
children owe him a great debt of gratitude. John, we will miss you." Bob
Sweet, Jr., President The National Right to Read Foundation

"Frank & Greg, Yesterday, my wife took the call from Jimmy Kilpatrick
about John. I am saddened both by both the loss to the family as well as
to the thousands of concerned educators around the country for whom he
gave a loud and influential voice. Most important of all, he gave data
that convinces all but those predisposed from believing data that much
of the rhetoric of the constructivist movement in mathematics education
is nothing more than rhetoric... The family and the wider community can
take great solace, however, in the fact that he was able to get beyond
giving voice to those crying in the wilderness. He was able to live long
enough to feel the wind change and he was part of the reason that it
did. The official dogma of the State of California has already changed
and a part of that change is attributable to Saxon. Few times in our
lives do we get the opportunity to meet and interact with someone who
demonstrably changes things on even a state, let alone a national level.
John Saxon was such an individual. Thousands of schools are already
better for his having lived, my daughter's included. Thousands more will
be as the public school environment is forced to become more accountable
and less able to convince an unsuspecting public that their own
incompetence represents any more than the naked emperor's beautiful
clothing. John Saxon will be missed but he will not be forgotten nor
will his influence be diminished. His snowball has started to roll."
Wayne Bishop Professor of Mathematics Cal State LA

"Folks- "Some sad news to report. John Saxon died today in Norman,
Oklahoma about 6 PM... John Saxon was a rare individual. He served his
country for nearly 30 years as an Air Force officer and then built his
own publishing company. His math books are built on a simple premise:
skills and concepts come first, and that solving unfamiliar problems is
basically a process of recognizing well learned embedded principles.
Plus, his method of spiraling (i.e., learning skills horizontally over
time) allow the majority of students the opportunity to learn. We've
been very grateful at San Fernando HS that the Saxon Company has donated
books to help our students. It's the only thing that's made any
difference with our kids. You can see their confidence grow as they
actually learn something for once. I sat with Mr. Saxon for an hour or
so at the San Diego NCTM Convention. We talked about teaching math and
it was clear this is what animated him... He had a lot of wisdom and he
was a fun guy to be around. I shudder to think what would have happened
to math education in this country without John Saxon. Nearly alone for a
time, he battled the excesses of the radical reformers. Without his up
front style and amusing, informative advertisements, things might be
much worse than they are. Greg told me he was very honored to be
mentioned in Professor Hirsch's fine book. While at the NCTM Convention,
I was also able to meet two of his children... My condolences go out to
them." Dan Hart San Fernando, CA

"... Saxon believed drill and repetition were the only basis for firm
understanding of mathematical principles, and that deeper insights
flowed only from fundamentals. He rejected modern math in virtually all
its manifestations. Eventually, a minority of public and private schools
across America adopted his textbooks, but his blunt style and
unwillingness to suffer fools gladly made him 'controversial' in some
circles. His recent death left family, friends and admirers wishing he
had another 15 years to challenge more of the tomfoolery that passes for
'education' these days. One of his most glowing tributes came from state
Sen. Don Rubottom, R-Tulsa: 'There are 100,000 kids in this generation
who are mathematically competent because of John Saxon.' In an era where
'two plus two equals four -- unless you have a problem with that' is
less a joke than a description of widely-held attitudes, John Saxon was
a courageous and forthright champion for excellence." --An editorial
from The Daily Oklahoman, Nov. 6, 1996

"Dear Greg: "Just a note of thanks for your call concerning John's death
and the small part I might have played in his last days. It was an honor
to be acquainted with him these last 20 years and he surely will be
missed -- for every age has its Jeremiah, Galileo, or Saxon. They all
had one thing in common -- while all others were pleasing but wrong,
these few were angry -- but right." Charles McNeill Spokane, WA

"Dear Sherry, "I received your letter informing me of the death of John
on Oct. 17, 1996. Please extend my deepest sympathy to John's family. We
will miss him greatly for many reasons, but most especially for his
great contribution to the children of the United States.... I am pleased
to know that Saxon Publishers will continue his tradition and offer the
finest teaching materials and methods available to students of
mathematics. I know that some try to copy his methods, but none will be
able to replicate his outstanding philosophy...." D. Allen Halley Cando,

"Dear Saxon Folks, "I just read in Debra Saunders' column the phrase
"...recently deceased publisher John Saxon..." I can only hope Ms.
Saunders erred. But if she did not, I will mourn John's passing. You,
his close associates, and his family, have my sympathy. I hope you will
carry on his excellent mission. We need real math in our schools." Jim

"Dear Ms. Floyd, "Thank you for sending the information on John Saxon
and his picture. John's U.S. Air Force picture will be hung on our wall
of fame with other great teachers who have devoted their lives to James
L. Wright Elementary. Even though he never "taught at Wright," he
certainly has impacted and left an impression on the life of every
student in our district for the last five years. Our math "TAAS" scores
have increased at all levels but more than that our students now "think"
mathematically and retain what they have learned. John Saxon's
unmatched passion for education and his desire for excellence enhanced
the mediocre math teaching skills of many elementary professionals. I
only wish John had lived to see Texas place his books on the State
Adopted List. It is going to happen." With my deepest sympathy, Marita
M. Carroll

"To List Members. I am saddened to hear of the death of John Saxon. Two
and a half years ago I first met John on my radio talk show "What's On
Your Mind" on KFYR in Bismarck. I found him to be a warm, passionate man
and we had a wonderful show. I invited him back two more times via
telephone, the last one earlier this summer. Shortly after our first
conversation we decided to homeschool our six children. We used Saxon
math, and the results were terrific! In mentioning John's passing on our
show today, a caller phoned in to say how sad they were too. Their
family had heard Saxon on our show the first time and decided to
supplement what their school was teaching and purchased a home school
program for their high school student. His progress she said was
remarkable and just this past week learned that he had a perfect score
on her PSAT in math. The student was planning to write to John this week
to thank him and now will never be able to. But I know John is up there
and knows the difference he has made in so many children's and parents'
lives...now more so than ever. God Bless you, John, and I hope to see
you up there someday." Mark Armstrong Bismarck, ND

"Dear Saxon Personnel: "Thank you very much for your courtesy in
informing us of the death of John Saxon. This is indeed a great loss for
the math education community and for all of us who felt close to Mr.
Saxon through his wonderful books and outspoken opinions... Over the
years, I have taught or tutored through every Saxon math book from 54
through Calculus... I continue to be constantly amazed at the excellent
level of preparation of these students... It was a thrill for us when
Mr. Saxon called my husband at home, long distance, several years ago,
and spoke with him for over an hour about some comments my husband (Dr.
David M. Larue) had sent in about the Adv. Math and Calculus books. It
was easy to tell that the heart and soul of Mr. Saxon was in his
textbooks, and in the teachers and students who worked with them...
Please convey my family's heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends
of Mr. Saxon. The world has lost a genius, sui generis. We will not see
his kind again. May the work he began thrive and prosper. (I, for one,
could never go back to the old ways.)" Rev. Suzanne Wolfram Westminster,

"I feel as if I have lost a close friend and ally. Having never met John
Saxon, but having used his math books for many years with my children
and myself in our home school, I felt as if I had him right there with
me, helping us along. His methods and philosophies about mathematics
were very close to my own. Without Saxon math books, my 17-yr.-old son
would never have gotten this far in his math studies. Whenever I use his
books I feel like I'm using something a friend had written." Lisa

As we gradually accustom ourselves here at Saxon Publishers to the change of no
longer having John Saxon in our offices, across the country the educational
world continues to meet and learn more about the Saxon programs. Upcoming
exhibits at which you might find out more about Saxon math and Saxon phonics

New Jersey Education Association Conference - November 14-15 - Atlantic
City Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ.

Ohio Federation Council for Exceptional Children Convention - November
14-15 - Omni Netherland Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati, OH.

Learning Disabilities Association of Oklahoma Conference - November
14-15 - Medallion Hotel, Oklahoma City, OK.

Association of Teachers of Math in New England Conference - November
14-15 - Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI.

New England Kindergarten Conference (Pre-K to Grade 3) - November 15 -
Lantana Holiday Inn, Randolph, MA.

New England Reading Association Conference - November 15-16 - Westin
Hotel, Providence, RI.

National Episcopal Schools - November 15-16 - Memphis, TN.

NE Regional Educational Service Agency - November 19 - Athens, GA.

Regional Educational Service Agency - November 20 - Albany, GA.

Arkansas Reading Assoc. Meeting - November 21-22 - Little Rock, AR.

Assoc. of Christian Schools - November 21-22 - Anaheim, CA.

Florida Council of Ind. Schools - November 21-22 - Miami, FL.

Missouri State Teachers - November 21-22 - Kansas City, MO.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference -
November 21-22 - Albuquerque, NM.

Learning Disabilities Assoc. - November 22 - Indianapolis, IN.

Pennsylvania Assoc of Curriculum Development - November 25 - Hershey,

California Assoc. of Private Schools - November 25-26 - Anaheim, CA.

Assoc. of Christian Schools - November 25-26 - Orlando, FL.

Kentucky Special Education Meeting - November 25-26 - Louisville, KY.

Pennsylvania Science Teachers - December 5-6 - State College, PA.
Missouri Math Assoc. - December 6 - Columbia, MO.

Arizona Reading Assoc. - December 5-7 - Phoenix, AZ.

California School Boards - December 6-7 - San Jose, CA.

Cumberland Math Assoc. - December 7 - Rock Castle, KY.

California Math North - December 6-8 - Monterey, CA.

Diocese of St Louis - December 11 - St Louis, MO

Pioneer Regional Educational Service Agency - December 12-13 - Demorest,


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