on moving toward freedom

Robin & Jim (aglerose@netins.net)
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:52:21 -0600

A few weeks ago, after one of the presidential debates, someone I know from
another List Serve wrote this great letter to President Clinton. Thought it
might be something you all might enjoy reading too.

:) Robin

>>To: President Clinton and the Democratic Party
>>From: Andrew Jackson
Note--That's really his name!
>>Subject: The inalienable rights of lift, liberty, and the purist of
>>Date: 10/8/96
>>Mr. President, I interpreted your remarks in your recent debate as "I, and
>>the Democratic Party, have a vision of providing the people of America with
>>the tools and means to build their bridges into the next millennium". Our
>>generations great decision is, will we return to a government that supports
>>a doctrine that empowers people to seek their freedom, their happiness, and
>>their well being or are we going to continue a society that says 'we, the
>>older and wiser, the educators, the clergy, the experts, the doctors, the
>>government know what is best for you'? Are you going to empower us, the
>>people, Mr. President with the tools and means for us to create our future or
>>are you going to give the tools to empower our standing institutions of
>>Government, Education, Medicine, Industry, Religion, and their personal
>>agenda of creating a market for their products? Do we have a government of
>>the people, by the people and for the people, i.e., for individuals, or for
>>institutions? People vote, not institutions. I will cast my vote for you
>>because I am an individual representing myself. It was individuals that
>>created institutions for a greater life, a greater liberty, and the purist of
>>a greater happiness. And now these institutions are telling us what a
>>greater life, a greater liberty, and a greater happiness is from a platform
>>that supports their own 'institutional' agenda. We are meant to be a nation
>>of individuals creating institutions, not a nation of institutions creating
>>Case in point: It is quite legal for a person to self medicate themselves
>>with the street drugs of alcohol, caffeine, aspirin, sugar and a host of
>>other pills, pain relievers and creams advertised on television. It is very
>>profitable within the legalized drug industry and within the illegalized
>>drug industry to promote body and mind altering drugs to make a person feel
>>better. Mr. President, has it ever occurred to you that kids who take
>>illegal street drugs are doing it for their own well being, just as in the
>>adult world? Parents and children are constantly encouraged to take legal
>>drugs for their own well being. Is there really any difference in the
>>idealogy of taking another drug, which just happens to be defined illegal,
>> for personal well being, than taking a prescription drug for the same
>>purpose? Yes, one is controlled and legal, the other is not controlled and
>>illegal. But the reality is that a person takes a drug to feel better
>>because they aren't taught, or there isn't available, a better choice for the
>>purist of happiness and well being. Provide a kid with a better alternative
>>for happiness and well being than street drugs and he will take it. But our
>>institutions are not providing better alternatives. Maybe within the
>>paradigms of the institutions and their followers, they are teaching and
>>providing better alternatives but within the paradigm of a human being, adult
>>or child, as a freedom seeking being in the purist of life, liberty,
>> happiness and well being, they are not teaching alternatives. They are not
>>seeing a human being as a leader and creator of his own wonderful life, but
>>as a subject that exists to obey and create their, the institutions,
>>wonderful life.
>>The great decision that our generation has to make is do individuals (adults
>>and children) know what is best for their own well being and are our
>>institutions going to enhance the individuals decision and creative ability
>>to form alternatives and make choices or are we going to continue to allow
>>our institutions to preach their own agenda and tell every individual what is
>>best for their well being because the individual is incapable of knowing
>>what is best for him/her self. Mr. President, are you going to give we, the
>>people, as individuals, the means and tools to create our bridges to the
>>future or are you going to give the institutions the means and tools to
>>create their bridges to the future? Are you going to allow individuals to
>>create their destiny and to have their inalienable rights of life, liberty
>>and purist of happiness and well being or are you going to give our power and
>>rights to institutions that they can create their agenda and self proclaimed
>>Mr. President, we can develop a nation of individual and powerful leaders
>>with the ability to create their own magnificent world. Let countries like
>>China train their people to be the laborers of the world. We can train our
>>people to be the creative leaders and decision makers of the world, if we
>>know and have the confidence to allow our children (and adults) to be the
>>creative, freedom seeking beings they are, and that by knowing that within
>>their purist of their happiness and their well being, evolves the well being
>>of our nation and institutions.
"You have to take life as it happens, but you should try to make it happen
the way you want to take it." --an old German saying