Re: the connected family

Dale R. Reed (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 18:50:49 -0700 wrote:
> This is an editorial published originally on the oped page of the Middlesex
> News, and written by Daniel Greenberg. It seems a fitting companion piece
> for the Seymour Papert interview. Mimsy Sadofsky
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> It cannot be long before the Information Superhighway will bring about
> an instrument of continuing education.

Thanks for posting this Mimsy. I was reading the Sudbury Valley October
Newsletter this afternoon and wishing I had Danny's fine editorial so I
could pass it on to the Separation of School and State discussion
group. Now because of the magic of cyberspace and your thoughtfullness
it will be one its way for the enjoyment of a few hundred more people in
the U.S. and