Re: exposure
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 01:50:42 -0400

Tammy from Alpine Valley School here.

When we were first involved in this thing we call starting a school, I
expected to get the comments about exposure a lot. I was prepared for it. It
has only come up three times in all of the hundreds of conversations I have
had. Out here, it does not seem to be on people's minds a lot. In one of
Danny's interviews (it may have been one of the ones he did for a local
station here last November.) he gave an excellent reply to that very
question. To sum it up. Danny replied that our children are constantly
exposed to things - through people,at school, out side of school, on the
raido, tv, the computer, the web - the places are endless. I also add that
our kids do not live in glass bubbles. The family life our kids have is a
very important part of their lives and education. They get a lot of exposure
there too. People seem to both agree and feel relieved that they will still
be part of their kids' lives.

Ta, Ta,