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Tue, 24 Sep 1996 22:35:15 -0700

Ted L. Childs wrote:
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> From: Rebecca Walker[]
> Sent: Monday, September 23, 1996 9:28 PM
> To: Discuss Sudbury Model
> Subject: research
> . I am interesting in talking
> (writing) to current students in order to determine their views.
> Suggestions, comments, and other contacts welcome. Thanks!
> Rebecca S. Walker
> Rebecca,
> Ted Childs here in Clarkesville, Ga. I, too, am interesting in alternative schools, namely democratic ones. I'm doing research also;
mostly the literature at
> ---------------------------------------------------------------Ted - I've added you to my address book, and I'll try to keep you up to
date. What's your interest in alternative schools and what have you read
so far? My project will not need a real heavy literture base, but I
certainly want to know what's been done so far. I'm just beginning all
of this so bear with me. Also, there was an attachment on your message
that my system was unable to read--what was it? Thanks - Rebecca