Re: Assembly question
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 13:03:20 -0400

Dear Mickey,

This is Stuart from Santa Clara Valley School. I, too, had qualms about
giving the Assembly--that is, parents--so much power, considering that they
are not here most of the time. In the end, there were several convincing
reasons to give the Assembly ultimate control over the school:

1. Legally, the corporation may be on firmer ground because legal control is
in the hands of an adult-dominated body.

2. Making parents Assembly members integrates them more fully into the school
community, which enriches the community in numerous ways.

3. I prefer to be a member of a community in which all major "stakeholders"
have a voice in decision-making.

Note also that Article 2 of Sudbury Valley's bylaws provides the school's
objectives and purposes. These would have to be amended (by a two thirds
vote) to make any fundamental changes in the school's approach, such as
mandatory classes.