Assembly question

mickey howell (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 15:06:22 +0000

Hello, my name is Mickey Howell. I am part of a group trying to start a
SVS modeled school in Kalamazoo Michigan. Our name is Summer Valley

My question is about the power of the Assembly. In the by-laws of SVS
it states that the power and duties of the Assembly are:

"[To] determine general policies of the corporation in educational
matters, and determine the standards for awarding, and award, diplomas .
. . ."

It seems to me that the Assembly has the power to make core changes to
the model. Couldn't the Assembly say -No Smoking- or -Everyone Must
Know The 3R's By The Age Of 10- or -Classes Must be Offered In The
Sciences- or -All Students Must Wear Uniforms- etc, etc . .

Are the parents/kids/staff so enlightened that these ideas could never
pass? I could envision a strong contigent gaining the support to
undermine the model. Has this ever happened or almost happened?

Why not change the power of The Assembly to -suggest- to the school
meeting general policies of educational matters, letting the school
meeting decide if they agree. It seems that since the parents are not
part of the school community they should not be offered such a powerful
voice. As a student I would not like outsiders (parents) having such
control over my community.

Mickey Howell