Re: Idea: Deregulate the school industry

Alan Klein (
Tue, 10 Sep 1996 23:26:23

Aaron wrote:

>I'm not sure that forbidding people to "add to" vouchers with their own
>payments to schools is a good idea. Since the vouchers would be paid out
> of
>tax revenues, and people of all levels of wealth pay taxes, I don't think
> it
>would be good to have the voucher program be 'bad for the rich', or
>something like that. Rich people are not necessarily bad people just as
>poor people are not necessarily good people. Good people and bad people
>come in all levels of wealth.
>It could be good for the educational system to have more expensive schools,
>just as there are different expense levels of cars. It might be that more
>expensive schools will spend more time and money on researching and
>developing better ways of educating children. After these new methods are
>developed and tried by these schools, other schools could incorporate them.
>It might be like airbags, which began as an expensive option, and now are
>included in many standard car packages.


I think it's fine for rich folks to have more expensive schools. The problem
with latting them add to voucher funds is that those schools will simply up
their tuition, rake in extra dough from us taxpayers, and still leave out
large groups of people (taxpayers) from being able to attend. If the voucher
is woth $6000, for example, and a local prep school has charged $10,000 in
the past, they will now charge $16,000. Folks who couldn't afford to go
there in the past still won't be able to afford it and the voucher will,
therefore, be worthless to them vis a vis that school.

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