Re: Myers-Briggs

Alan Klein (
Tue, 10 Sep 1996 23:20:03

Michael wrote:

>I"ve been noticing that INF and INT seem to be common types mentioned on
> the
>list. I'd love to hear how other IN (FP)s deal with marketing and
> networking.
>I find that I deeply enjoy meeting with people but hate having to initiate
>contact with them.

I am an INTP. I hate marketing!! I have been trying with mostly pretty good
success, to use networking and offering my services to the local OD network
and to other consultants whom I respect at little or no fee. I figure that
as long as I can be a "value added" to their clients and that they are being
a "value added" to me, we are all winners. In addition, I have made a
contact who is likely to think of me in the future and also to mention me to

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