Re: A meeting on diversity in svs-model schools

Alicia Richard (
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 14:34:41 -0700 (PDT)

Just wanted to add my .02 to what looks to be the end of this thread
(maybe?). I agree with what Romey has said 100% - I am all for being
conscious of where we advertise and put up flyers to make as many people in
our communities aware of our schools as we possibly can. Can we make them
come to our meetings or our schools? Would we even want to? Absolutely not.
This is a difference between being aware of how we conduct our public
relations campaigns (or, some might call it recruitment of perspective
students) and somehow changing our admissions processes to create some type
of affirmative action program, which I don't think anyone's posts which I
have read have suggested.

As far as social engineering - I really don't think that being a little
more conscious of where we advertise for new students (and school founding
members, in my case) can remotely be considered anything like social
engineering. It has to do with reaching out to as many people in our
communities as we can - with the hope that we will get more students,
larger schools with more diversity of all types - which, I think, is the
goal is it not? Bigger schools and more schools - spread this "paradigm"
we've got, or whatever you want to call it, around as much as possible,
right? Is this not the goal of all marketing campaigns - to reach as broad
a spectrum of potential "consumers" as possible? And if that means reaching
out to members of your community that you wouldn't otherwise reach out to,
so be it. Reaching out to inform as many people as possible about the
existance of our schools - NOT coercing anybody to do anything! That's the
way I see it. I am reminded of something Stuart Williams-Ley said in the
marketing discussion group at the summer conference at SVS, he said
something like,"We market Santa Clara Valley School like Coke - put it out
there as many times and as many places as possible." Sounds like the right
idea to me.

Alicia Richard
Diablo Valley School Founders Group

P.S. Just wanted to add how nice it was to meet many of you face to face at
the conference - makes me feel a lot better about posting to this list.
Thanks for listening, and for your trust!