Re: A meeting on diversity in svs-model schools
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 11:07:20 -0400

>>> Maybe our efforts will result in actual minority students when we open
> next
>>> year, and maybe it won't. If it does, great. If it doesn't, I'm not
> going
>>> to worry about it as long as I know we did and continue to do our best to
>>> reach everyone who might be interested.

>>Romey wrote:
>>That is really all any of us have been suggesting. You have clearly been
>>getting the word out to a variety of cultural settings, and I would be
>>surprised if that happened accidentally. My sense is that most other
>>groups have not done so much to get the word out about their schools to
>>other than the mainstrean or "alternative" papers, and put flyers up
>>wherever they go anyway, not in ethnic grocery stores or whatever. It
>>really is not much to be debating here... a little thought, a little
>>effort, a little self critical glance now and then to make sure those
>>follow up calls are not going just to those "types" you think are most
>>likely to enroll. The defensive posture - "If they come fine, if not
>>that's okay too" and the quota-based, coercive, clearly anti-Sudbury
>>posture are not the only two possibilities.

>Yes, yes, yes!!! You have said it well and I thank you!

Man o man, I've had more fun lurking around on this discussion... great,
well-considered ('cept fer one or two postings I s'pose) debate folks -- it
speaks well of this "on-line community" (such as on-line communities are, or
aren't, or sumthin'...) that it can be discussed at all-- and it sounds like
(after this series of posts) that more people are actually in agreement on
this than they thought... its simply that the nature of the topic hits some
automatic buttons in folks that vaults the rhetoric into places that actually
have precious little to do with what the original issues actually were (for
example, who on the "pro-" side was ever talking about quotas or
social-engineering or white-guilt to begin with?)

Anywho... it didn't seem to me like this was necessarily the ideal place for
a discussion like this to bloom the way it has, but I see on many levels how
mistaken I was. Neato!!

BTW... if anybody knows of a newsgroup (or individuals) interested in
discussions on how even the simplest notions of "diversity" and
"multicultural" topics set off such explosions ("quotas"!! "PC"!! "coercion"
etc...) lemme know!! I just eat this stuff up....

-John, who doesn't usually have the attention span to actually sit down and
post something