Re: A meeting on diversity in svs-model schools

Alan Klein (
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 07:57:26

Romey wrote:

>First of all, I feel as though the discussion has deteriorated into one
>about "bringing in" certain students or not. They are not educational
>materials to be "brought in" and no one here is suggesting coercion of any
>kind. I would agree that doing that would be self-serving, indeed
>immoral. I was trying to respond to the implication that many folks
>seems to make in their writing, that "we" (those who have a concern about
>the cultural homogeneity of schools) are acting out of "guilt" or charity
>or something.

In response to:
>> On Suggestions for Improving Diversity:
>> We do our best here in Joliet to get the message about sudbury model
> schools
>> out to anyone we can. Although we make no effort to keep track of such
>> things, I would guess that we have about 15-20% blacks on our mailing
> list.
>> We were covered by the weekly newspaper that focusses on
> African-American
>> issues, which resulted in two black men attending one of our
> informational
>> meetings. We have sent press releases to the Latino papers in our area.
>> Maybe our efforts will result in actual minority students when we open
> next
>> year, and maybe it won't. If it does, great. If it doesn't, I'm not
> going
>> to worry about it as long as I know we did and continue to do our best to
>> reach everyone who might be interested.

Romey wrote:
>That is really all any of us have been suggesting. You have clearly been
>getting the word out to a variety of cultural settings, and I would be
>surprised if that happened accidentally. My sense is that most other
>groups have not done so much to get the word out about their schools to
>other than the mainstrean or "alternative" papers, and put flyers up
>wherever they go anyway, not in ethnic grocery stores or whatever. It
>really is not much to be debating here... a little thought, a little
>effort, a little self critical glance now and then to make sure those
>follow up calls are not going just to those "types" you think are most
>likely to enroll. The defensive posture - "If they come fine, if not
>that's okay too" and the quota-based, coercive, clearly anti-Sudbury
>posture are not the only two possibilities.

Yes, yes, yes!!! You have said it well and I thank you!

Alan Klein ...
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