Re: Name that Paradigm

Alan Klein (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 20:33:32

Paul Wrote:

>Have you noticed that the paradigm begs to be generalized beyond the
> confines
>of school? This became crystal clear to me in those paradigm discussions
> in
>which I participated over the summer. I've started to see the elements of
>our school paradigm everywhere in my life (usually, of course, by its
>absence). What this means to me is that a world in which schools like ours
>were the norm would not simply be the same world we live in now with
>different schools. It would be a world transformed beyond recognition.
> How
>do you suppose people in that world will talk about diversity? Of course I
>don't have the answer, but I'm very interested in starting to talk about
>diversity--and other things of course--THAT WAY NOW.


I got it this time!! Well put and I, too, try to see life in the new
paradigm you describe (with sometimes bittersweet results)!

One caveat: I worry sometimes that folks like us, in our talking and
thinking about the world as if it were already in the new paradigm, make the
mistake of assuming that it is. Folks on the edges of society know damn well
that it isn't and those of us with the means and the privilege to act as if
it were can come off seeming awfully out of touch (at best).

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