Re: A meeting on diversity in svs-model schools

Alan Klein (
Sat, 07 Sep 1996 21:50:31

Melissa wrote:

>When this discussion began, it seemed to me that the question was, "What
> can
>we, as sudbury model schools, do to promote diversity in our schools?"
>Now, from what I have read from Kirsten and Alan Klein, it sounds like the
>question may be evolving to, "What can I, as an individual, do to improve
> my
>understanding of/relations with people of other cultures or backgrounds,
>which then may allow me to explain my school more adequately to them?"
>If I am reading their posts right, then I think that the second question
> is a
>much more appropriate one to ask within the framework of the sudbury model.
> It does not impose one person's values on any other person or group. It
>implies taking personal responsibility for a situation rather than
>formalizing some kind of institutional responsibility.
>So, am I right? And.... are you asking that question of the group?


I really don't see the two questions as being different. In our school, the
only kinds of actions that can be taken are individual ones or collective
expressions of individual will through the School Meeting. Either way, we
are not talking about anyone unduly imposing on anyone else. On the other
hand, if a School Meeting decided to take collective action, I suppsoe you
could call that "formalizing some kind of institutional responsibility", but
then all School Meeting decisions would fall under that same rubric. Why is
it that we are only applying this kind of negative spin to this particular
kind of decision?

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