Re: Name that Paradigm

Alan Klein (
Sat, 07 Sep 1996 21:42:04

>Referring to my remarks about diversity (talking to strangers) Alan says:
>>I'm not clear where the "old paradigm" comes in here.
>I know some folks jump out of their socks when they hear the word
> "paradigm",
>but as Albert Einstein said, "the problems we face cannot be solved at the
>same level of thinking that created them." Over the summer, interested
>members of the Pacific Village Assembly (parents, staff, students) held a
>series of informal meetings to try to clearly distinguish the philosophy
>behind this type of school, as we see it.


Great list and very clear! I loved it!!

I'm still unclear, however, why you saw what I and some others were writing
as being from the "old paradigm". It's not the word "paradigm" that has me
confused -- I'm an old "if-we-keep-on-doing-what-we've-always-done-then
-we'll-keep-on-getting-what-we've-always-gotten" sort of guy from way back.
It's interesting, however, that so many of those who responded to my postings
(perhaps you were one) made the erroneous assumption that I was talking about
wanting staff members to somehow put one over on the kids. In fact, I said
nothing of the sort and was always careful to speak in terms of "our
schools", that is to say those who run our schools, that is to say the School
Meeting. Perhaps the "old paradigm" thinking shoe was on the other foot!


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