Re: A meeting on diversity in svs-model schools
Sat, 7 Sep 1996 02:18:11 -0400

To: Diversity Discussion
From: Melissa Bradford, Liberty School Founders, Joliet IL
Re: Individuals Vs. Institutions

When this discussion began, it seemed to me that the question was, "What can
we, as sudbury model schools, do to promote diversity in our schools?"

Now, from what I have read from Kirsten and Alan Klein, it sounds like the
question may be evolving to, "What can I, as an individual, do to improve my
understanding of/relations with people of other cultures or backgrounds,
which then may allow me to explain my school more adequately to them?"

If I am reading their posts right, then I think that the second question is a
much more appropriate one to ask within the framework of the sudbury model.
It does not impose one person's values on any other person or group. It
implies taking personal responsibility for a situation rather than
formalizing some kind of institutional responsibility.

So, am I right? And.... are you asking that question of the group?

- Melissa