RE: duo-career?

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Fri, 06 Sep 1996 08:57:18 -0500

At 10:19 PM 9/4/96 -0400, Ted wrote:

>Robin, what got you interested? I'm interested in knowing what kind of
things bring us together. Do you have an educational background? Know
people who have attended this type of school or what?
>Ted in Georgia


Yes. I do have an educational background. I have a masters in Educational
Psychology, and taught English for a year in Japan in 94/95. Am now going
for my PhD (piled higher & deeper!) in Adult Education, which goes along
with my career designing/writing career & job search materials. All that
education in education, yet I never bothered to get a teaching degree
because --although I love interacting with kids--the structured and
unmotivating way in which the school systems are set up always turned me
off. I only enjoy interacting with kids who want to learn and enjoy doing
so; otherwise, i'd just assume they be doing something else. In addition,
through my years of schooling, I don't recall having read about a school
system like Sudbury until last year, and it wasn't through school that I
learned about it.

I belong to a philosophical-sort-of list serve of people who enjoy the
teachings of Abraham (not the biblical one). These teachings are all about
attracting into your experience that which you think, creating your own life
through your power of attraction, and allowing others to create their own
life--in whatever way they desire. Anyway, last year Jerry & Esther Hicks
encounter this delightful school--Sudbury--which was perfectly in line with
all the teaching of Abraham, and they began to spread the word to all the
people who get their Abe newsletter (The Leading Edge), etc, and sent out
free copies of Free at Last to many on their mailing lists. So, then, the
people on the Abraham list-serve to which I belong began talking about it,
so finally I got myself a copy of Free at Last (from the Hicks), and read it
this summer. I was in heaven as I read the book; it just sounded too
delightful to be true. I decided then and there that when I have kids I'd
find/start a school like that one.