Re: Idea: Deregulate the school industry
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 02:00:55 -0400

Hi, Aaron et. al.:

Your idea is intriguing. A caveat to the voucher system is, however, that
anytime govt. $ is involved in ANY educational system, there will be
required govt. surveillance, complete with "standards", "assessments",
"outcomes" and a new and more than likely massive bureaucracy to regulate it

I'm a currently unschooling mom who was involved in an effort to start up a
Sudbury-type school here in Riverside, CA several years ago (we still are
incorporated and exempted) but our efforts never succeeded, largely due to
the $$$$ required to open legally, and the fear level paralyzing many people
against opening less than legally.

I see little leeway for deregulation as long as any govt. $ is involved.

Marge Yeager