Re: Diversity in Democratic Schools
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 02:00:59 -0400

In a message dated 96-09-02 21:13:23 EDT, Daniel Berman writes:

<< It looks to me as if only one person in a thousand (pick your large
number) will seriously consider sending their kids / attending our type of
school. So in Portland, if you got a hundred thousand demschool aged kids,
you only got a hundred kids/families who will even check out your school.

And if your minority populations (within the "diversity" definition)
comprise ten thousand school aged kids, then you have only ten "diverse"
who will even check out your school.
In other words, it's the very rare mainstream culture,
"non-diverse" person who attends.
So it's likely to be the very, very rare "diverse" person who
So do your best brothers and sisters to bring diversity, and always
keep the welcome mat freshly woven, but don't torture yourself should you
fail to enroll the Rainbow Party. >>

Later, Mimsy Sadofsky writes: "So maybe it will be time to worry about
whether or not to
massage the right mixture into the student and staff group someday (I hope
not, it is odious to me), but not now: any mixture at all will suffice."

To them both: AMEN!

-- Marge Yeager