Re: Diversity in Democratic Schools

Alan Klein (
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 00:09:03

Mimsy wrote:

>So maybe it will be time to worry about whether or not to
> massage the right mixture into the student and staff group someday (I hope
>not, it is odious to me), but not now: any mixture at all will suffice.


I agree wholeheartedly with the desire/need to keep the schools going,
regardless of the mixture. Until we get an even playing field financially
for kids who want to come to our schools (through full vouchers or something
else) we will need to accept whoever is willing to come on in.

I don't, however, see this as an "either/or". I see it as a "both/and"
situation. Yes, we will continue to accept whoever shows up and, yes, we
ought to be on the lookout for ways that we are missing connections with
other folks who may be different than us in some ways. We often don't know
what we don't know and it's so asy to be blind to what we are missing out on.
All I am suggesting is that we take an extra hard look at our actions and
inactions in this area. I would hope that that would not be too odious a
proposition for any of us to consider.

Thanks for listening,

Alan Klein ...
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