Re: A meeting on diversity in svs-model schools

Richard Bennett (
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 12:52:05 -0800

On 4 Sep 96 at 10:09, Robin & Jim wrote:

> Excuse my ignorance, but in this dialog, what does PC stand for?
> Politically Correct? If so, does PC refer to this small group, or
> the nation/world at large?

Yes, it does indeed stand for "Politically Correct", standing for
the liberal American point of view supporting a particular model of
politics and history asserting that the world is in a terrible mess
today, all because of the few white European male conservatives, and
all we need to fix it is a lot more female/ethnic/disabled/
homosexual/liberal/unionized/recycling/pagan Democrats in positions
of power. Not that I have anything against female/ethnic/disabled/
homosexual/liberal/unionized/recycling/pagan Democrats, I just think
it an overly simple way of looking at any and all problems.

It's especially amusing, if I can say that without hurting anyones
feelings, to hear this argued as if it is a biological imperative. I
had the impression that biology illustrates a "survival of the
fittest" theme, where the value of diversity is achieved through the
failure of most forms of novel variety to reproduce.

Human culture, I have always believed, subverts Darwin through the
exercise of compassion, and allows less hardy individuals to grow and
develop, for no particular reason than that's what we like to do.

But I never was all that great at biology.


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