Re: A meeting on diversity in svs-model schools

Alan Klein (
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 00:01:51

Larry Welshon wrote:

>Actively seeking to make the school represent the area's population is
> social
>engineering. It's roots are found in the coercive nature of government
> whose
>only tool is the hammer. Government used a hammer to keep the races apart
>during and immediately after slavery, and used a hammer to put them
> together
>in this century (1954).
>I consulted the OED and found the following definitions helpful in
> explaining
>why one action (taking actions to correct a perceived lack of diversity in
>racial composition) is artificial and why another action (most if not all
>actions done by School Meetings) is not artificial.
>I Opposed to natural
> 1. Made by or resulting from art or artifice [defined as skill in
>designing and employing expedients; cunning, trickery]; contrived, or
> brought
>about by constructive skill, and not spontaneously; not natural .

Two points:

One - if a school population does not represent the human population then
there is not a _perceived_ lack of diversity, there is a _real_ lack of
diversity. Whether or not one sees this as something to pay attention to
is the question here.

Two - I seek a balance in my diet and I encourage my kids' to do so as
well. I seek a balance in my activities and encourage my kids to do so as
well. I seek a balance in the sources of information I peruse and encourage
my kids to do as well. All of this seems to me to be perfectly natural and
in harmony with my and our physical, social, and mental needs. Why is it so
artificial to seek a balance in who I spend time with and to take actions
(consistent with my school's mission and laws) to achieve that balance?

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