Re: Wanting to learn more about Sudbury
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 23:17:37 -0400

Dear Robin,

Surely someone else has answered your questions of July 30 by now, but if
not, here goes:

We know of no such schools in the Des Moines area -- our knowledge is
limited, however.

For "standard rules" we and the similar schools have mainly common sense
ones: respect for people, for property, and for the law. Of course they
become more complicated, but not that much more complicated. I suggest a
reading of our Law Book, available from SVS Press, as are many many books
about SVS.

Yes, people with fairly open parenting styles seem to be attracted to our
school, but there is such a variety of people that I hate to characterize
them in any way.

We have a web page, and many of our students do too. Sure the internet is
big with SVS people, but not so much AT school, where other, more social,
interests seem to predominate. Our web page, which has lots of info is: