Re: New and curious

Rietmulder/Stone (
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 08:29:51 -0700

Guten tag, Christian Rook from Germany and Pennsylvania.

I'm Jim Rietmulder (sounds German, but it's Dutch actually), from The Circle
School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the discussion.

Come visit The Circle School if you like. Telephone our dee Vogt (at
717-564-6700) to get the visiting days schedule and to make an appointment.
Before visiting you should either closely study our entire information
packet (which you can request by phone or mail), or you should read Danny
Greenberg's _Free_At_Last_, or have some other significant exposure to the
Sudbury model.

You wrote...
>But what does it take to open a school?

If you're contemplating starting a school, consider purchasing the school
starter kit from Sudbury Valley School. Pennsylvania presents some, ahem,
unique challenges to start-up schools, especially Sudbury model schools. If
and when you commit to a Sudbury start-up, I'd be pleased to chat with you
on that subject.

Jim Rietmulder
The Circle School