New and curious

Christian Rook (
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 00:19:30 -0400

Hello, everybody,

Mario's "TEST" is a good reason for me to introduce myself, and I hope that
the discussion on this board is going to pick up again.
My name is Christian Rook. I am a 27 year old German living in America,
recently received a Master's degree, live in State College, PA, am married
and have a beautiful little 1 1/2 years old daughter.
I was brought up behind the Iron Curtain, but my parents tried to form our
family democratically, and raised us kids with as much freedom and love as
possible, somehow related to the writings of A.S.Neill (Summerhill). Very
early, I started reading Neill myself, and when the wall had come down, I
went to West-Berlin's libraries to check out other books on alternative
education and compared them with Neill.

I have always wanted to work for a school like Summerhill, be a part of it
somehow, or ideally, open one like it myself.

This thinking process about "what I really want to do" has picked up again,
a few weeks ago, when I started to talk about it with a friend and with my
wife. We discussed homeschooling and what we want for our children. It was
then, when I discovered Sudbury, and the Circle School a.s.o. on the
Net...and this board.

I am thrilled that alternative education has found such a broad base in
America (I was afraid to find only Montessory Schools) and that there are so
many planning groups, too. But what does it take to open a school? I feel
pretty strong about my philosophy, but wonder, because I have never worked
at an alternative school, whether I have enough experience to just go ahead
and do it.

Who can offer some help, here?

Christian Rook
(814) 862-8478