Re: Cascade Valley School in Portland, OR

Salzmann/Thelen (
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 13:33:40 -0800

>I am in the process of moving from Boston, MA to Portland, OR and am very
>interested in learning more about the Cascade Valley School in Portland.
>Does anyone subscribing to this list know anything about or is anyone
>affiliated with the school in any way? I'd love to correspond with you
>about CVS. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from someone.

Dear Mario,

I am Greg Thelen, a staff member and co-founder of Cascade Valley School in
Portland, Oregon (13515-A SE Rusk Rd. Portland, OR 97222). I would be very
happy to correspond with you about CVS. I just turned on my computer for a
minute today before leaving on a two week vacation (including five days in
Massachusetts). But I will tell you a bit about the school. This will be
our sixth year of operation, we have six staff, all part time, will
probably have 20-30 students in the fall, have a beautiful 13-acre campus.
No school could be a clone of SVS, but we adopted the same by-laws, and I
believe the vision of the two schools is the same. People who have visited
both schools say that we have much in common.

I recommend writing to the school or calling and leaving a message on the
machine (503-653-8128) and request an information packet to be sent you. I
will be back in town on the 24th or 25th of the month, at which time I may
be able to be more help.

Greg Thelen, Cascade Valley School
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