RE: Homogenity at SVS?

Julie-Lynn Wood (
Mon, 05 Aug 1996 15:38:30 -0400

Hi -- I'm Julie-Lynn. Fairly new to this group. ...and enjoying all the

I don't know enough yet to comment on SVS-like schools specifically, but
there seems to be a fallacy in the comment: "Inner-city kids who go to
parochial or subsidized secular private schools show a much lower
delinquency rate." This implies the higher delinquency rate in public
schools is the direct fault of the public school itself.

Whenever you have students attending parochial schools or subsidized secular
schools of any sort, they are there because someone took the time to SELECT
that school for them. Which is to say, they have someone in their life who
pays some attention to them and their education.

This is not true of many students at public schools, especially at
inner-city public schools. I absolutely believe that much of SVS's
successes come from the school's philosophy, but to overlook the
socioeconomic factors that brought the students there in the first place,
would be naive to me.

At 02:39 PM 8/5/96 -0400, you wrote:
>As far as I know, the homogeneity at SVS-like schools is not so much racial
or socioeconomic, but simply that the student body is self-selected for the
school's philosophy. The biggest problem with inner-city public schools is
that they are quite literally prisons for children. One constantly hears
rhetoric about "keeping kids off the streets", which blatantly assumes that
those kids would be criminal if not forcibly incarcerated in government
schools. Inner-city kids who go to parochial or subsidized secular private
schools show a much lower delinquency rate.
>From: Onar Aam[]
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>Subject: Homogenity at SVS?
>Hi guys, I've been discussing SVS with some people and they claim that
>the reason SVS works so well is that 1) the students are mostly from the
>same culture, race and societal class, and 2) because SVS is in landly
>environment, away from the temptaions of the city. Unfortunately I do
>not have data to refute/confirm this. Therefore I ask if you can help
>me out on these questions. E.g. does SVS or any of its sister schools
>not fit into the above description?