Re: Wanting to learn more about Sudbury
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 20:52:39 -0400


Well, I'll take a stab at offering extremely brief and cursory answers to
your questions (because I'm on my way out of town).

>Have any schools like this been developed in the Des Moines, Iowa area?

Not that I know of. Love the area, though--I grew up north of Omaha.

>What kinds of "standard" rules do you have? (the ones that have lasted more
than for just a couple years)

Lots of them. We actually have many more written rules than most schools,
because adults don't get to make up arbitrary ones as they go along.
Long-time rules include things like everyone has the right to do their thing
without their rights being infringed upon, you have to pick up the mess you
make, and no disturbingly noisy activities in the buildings. (They're all
phrased much more eloquently than that.) If you'd like to read them all, just
order a handbook from the press--the lawbook is included.

>Do parents with a more open parenting style tend to gravitate toward your
school more?

Yeah, if you mean my "open" what I think you probably do--parents who see
their children as capable and worthy of full respect.

>Does the staff need teaching certificates?

No, thank god.

>Have the kids at Sudbury been enraptured by the Internet craze yet?

Some have been, some haven't and probably never will be. There's definitely a
significant computer culture that lives in the computer lab in the barn.

>How long until they get a web page going?

Sudbury Valley has a web page. It's at

Welcome to our discussion group.

Lisa J.