Wanting to learn more about Sudbury

Robin & Jim (aglerose@netins.net)
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 09:06:54 -0500

I've been on this list serve about a week now, and haven't read anything, so
I guess, I'll just speak up and ask some questions.

I learned about Sudbury through some of my Abraham friends, and when I
asked, Jerry and Esther sent me the book "Free at Last." As a person in
the field of education, it's so exciting to read about! And to think it's
been around for all these years! Following are a few misc. questions I have:

--Have any schools like this been developed in the Des Moines, Iowa area?

--What kinds of "standard" rules do you have? (the ones that have lasted
more than for just a couple years)

--Do parents with a more open parenting style tend to gravitate toward your
school more?

--Does the staff need teaching certificates?

--Have the kids at Sudbury been enraptured by the Internet craze yet? How
long until they get a web page going?

Any light someone could shine on these questions, would be much appreciated.

In love & peace,